Bloomsbury’s finds a tasty way to fight breast cancer


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Bloomsbury's Shereen

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and Bloomsbury’s, the Abu Dhabi based boutique café and artisan bakery is offering their patrons Breast Cancer Awareness Cupcakes in support of the cause.

Ms. Shafeena Yusuff Ali, CEO of the Tablez Food Company, said, “We wanted to raise awareness of a disease that affects a large number of women, so we designed pretty, pink cupcakes that would bring a smile to our patrons’ faces and at the same time raise awareness of the disease.

The Breast Cancer Awareness cupcakes are available at Bloomsbury’s until the end of October. Bloomsbury will be at the Burjuman Mall on the 24th of October from 4pm to 10pm where 25% of the total sales will be given to Safe and Sound.

In addition, Bloomsburys Mushrif Mall will also have buy one get one free surprises for selected cupcakes for visitors until the 26th of October in celebration of the Mall’s 2nd anniversary. If you happen to visit the Emirate of Ras Al Khaima, the Bloomsburys in RAK Mall will be celebrating the Mall’s 1st anniversary from the 27th October to the 2nd of November where visitors can buy one and get one free cupcake in the selected range of cupcakes.


Press Release issued by Coral Coast PR on behalf of Tablez. For further information please us on 0504694873/email Or you can contact Inaayah at Tablez on

About Bloomsbury and Tablez Food Company:

Bloomsbury’s is a boutique cupcake café concept initialized by the Tablez Food Company, the food and beverage entity of the LuLu Group International. The Cafe is famous as the creator of ‘The Golden Phoenix”, the world’s most expensive edible cup cake, valued at AED 3,700 a piece.

The company, in addition to Bloomsbury’s, has other dining venues, such as the fine dining restaurant Peppermill and De Thali, a casual Indian dining outlet with an artistic ambience,

Tablez Food Company was conceptualized to bring the best of the food industry to its guests. Tablez aspires to seek out existing concepts and establish franchise agreements, which will enjoy success in the target markets.





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